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10 Milestones in the History of Moissac

Moissac is one of 184 towns labelled "City of Art and History". The Heritage service promotes the architecture and cultural heritage of the town.

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  • Beginning 9th century : first documents provide a record of the monastery.
  • 1047-1063 : Affiliation of the Abbey St Pierre to the Abbey of Cluny.
  • 1100 : Building of the romanesque cloister under the Abbot Anquistil.
  • 1212 : The town besieged by Simon de Montfort during the Albigensian crusade.
  • 1626 : The end of the Benedictine way of life and, the monks are replaced by a congregation of Canons.
  • 1791 : The French Revolution marks the end of religious life in the Abbey, the Abbey church becomes the parish church.
  • 1843-1847 : Building of the canal de Garonne.
  • 1850 : The building of the train line Bordeaux to Toulouse split the Abbey in two, the cloister is saved.
  • 1930 : A major flood destroyed part of the town which was rebuilt in an Art Deco style.
  • 1939-1950 : 500 Jewish children were rescued in Moissac in a house run by The Eclaireurs Israelites de France.
  • 2013 : A Cluniac chapel found during archeological excavations.