Velo voie verte canal des 2 mers


Moissac, a paradise for all types of cyclists

The Canal des Deux Mers by bicycle from Agen to Toulouse

This portion of 113 km along the green cycle path traverses rich and luxuriant country, and if you go off canal you will discover enchanting countryside bathed in a light worthy of Tuscany.

Agen / Valence d’Agen (26.5km)

You leave the port along the green cycle path towards Valence d’Agen, alongside the Garonne which is hard to see from the canal. Shortly after Lamagistere, the entrance to Valence near the old, but well restored abattoir which is now a point of welcome. A 13th century bastide, Valence d’Agen is open for you to explore its ancient washhouse, covered market, port and dovecotes (pigeonniers).

Valence d’Agen / Moissac (16.5km)

From Valence to Moissac, the path meanders gently along the canal. Moissac, a major stopping off point on the Camino to Santiago de Compostella, stretches peacefully along the banks of the Tarn. You are in the town centre and can sample the delights of its heritage without leaving your bike before passing alongside the port.

velo voie verte Moissac

Moissac / Castelsarrasin / Montech / Montauban (23 km)

The Canal des Deux Mers leaves Moissac over the Cacor Canal-Bridge. Not far beyond an industrial zone is the start of Castelsarrasin, a former stronghold of the Counts of Toulouse. Her pleasure port is a good place to start a visit of the town which has some buildings of interest including the attractive brick Church of St. Sauveur.

Montech / Castelnau-d'Estrétefonds [24 km]

On leaving Montech the route of the green cycle path heads right to the south and the regional capital. You will pass numerous important villages like Grisolles with its museum as well as several ‘New Towns’ dating from the construction of the bastides in the 13th century. A circuit around the Fronton vineyards is possible to discover the Negrette grape, unique to the South West.

Castelnau-d'Estrétefonds / Toulouse [23 km]

You will know you are nearing Toulouse way in advance as you encounter galloping urbanisation in contrast to the calm of the canal. Toulouse is entered at the Ponts-Jumeaux, where the Canal de Garonne and the Canal de Brienne meet the Canal du Midi. Head to the center along a rideable track along the Canal du Midi.


Cycle circuits from Moissac

The Tourist Office maps of 3 circuits for experienced cyclists:

  • Boudou hills 17 km - 164m elevation : uneven for good sportsmen 
  • Discover Chasselas 17 km - 187m elevation: uneven, also for sportsmen but the reward is in the hills of Bas Quercy. 
  • Lafrancaise - 34 km - 258m elevation: uneven, for another view of the plain of Gascony.



Cycling for families

For safety we suggest 3 routes:

Along the green cycle path.

No motor vehicles, but be careful not to fall in the canal! A shaded route punctuated by the lock houses and the canal bridge… Leave Moissac towards Castelsarrasin and take a break at the new Bike Park! or head towards Agen and take the bridge leading to the observatory at the bird sanctuary at the Base de Loisirs at St Nicolas de la Grave (swimming pool, kids games, picnic area and nautical activities). From here you can continue to the village and visit the Lamothe-Cadillac museum.

The route around the orchards (50% road, so only advisable for 8 years and older).

There is a short loop of about 10km to discover orchards of kiwis and plums along the banks of the Tarn.  

Confluence Tarn-Garonne  (12 km) 

Cross the Pont Napoleon, through Saint Benoit and its fruit farms along small tarmac tracks. Head along a gravel track beside the Tarn until the Tarn meets the Garonne with a splendid view of the Base de Loisirs and the Ile aux oiseaux